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Our story

Founded in 2009 with a strong foundation in dealing with global logistics, our team of professionals quickly grew to a work force with unsurpassed knowledge surrounding the international import market.

Foresight, vision and a fearless desire to succeed has quickly positioned DS International at the top of the South African market.

With unmatched support and service delivery from our international partners, along with the premium quality of our brands; we have been able to pass the highest level of reliability, service delivery and a guaranteed long-term investment to our market. With major focus surrounding the process of importation from various suppliers around the world, DS International guarantees the most efficient manufacturing to retail front service in the industry.

Our vision

DS International’s goals and vision is simple, to be the number one importer of premium international sports brands throughout the South African market!

Our mission

We have firmly cemented all our brands as the market leaders throughout the industry and will continue to strive in positioning ourselves as a valuable asset to our customers; building from strength to strength in the quest to become the largest supplier of premium international brands.