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Displaying our commitment to creating the highest quality bags on the planet, we have partnered with one of South Africa’s leading supplement brands, BIOGEN, to bring you this incredible fully-custom meal management bag available at Dischem Pharmacies stores country wide.

As the Fitmark brand grows from strength to strength, a partnership with the leading technology and appliance retailer in South Africa was the next step for the brand’s growth- to ensure their consumers have access to the highest quality bags for their active lifestyles.

Fitmark's creatively designed, high quality bags for the fitness enthusiast has seen tremendous growth since the South African launch in April 2014!

The brand has fast become the leader of the meal management market, both internationally and locally, and with such a fast-pace of growth, a partnership with the country's largest nutrition retailer was inevitable.

It is with much excitement DS International is proud to announce the signing of our partnership with Dischem Pharmacies which will now see our Fitmark meal management BOX and SHIELD bags available in their stores country wide.